How to Make your Own Beats Online

Creating music has come a long way since the beginning of audio recording. In the olden days, it was of great importance to not only play an instrument or sing extremely well in order for someone to take the time to record it, but also to find someone who is able to record it professionally. 

OK, some of you might argue that playing an instrument is still something that is of great importance today. Hey, I agree, but we still have to acknowledge that getting a feeling of creating music is also very important.

The evolution of digital music speaks in favor of this. Never before were there as many beat makers and musicians as there are currently in the world. And yes, most of them may not be the best ones in that particular field, but you cannot deny how liberating it is to see so many people taking interest in something that for a long time was only reserved for a chosen few.

With digital music production equipment taking over and replacing old analogue studios, there has been a renaissance of tools used to create beats yourself. The emergence of the internet has made it possible to take these digital advancements even further.

There are a lot of online solutions that will let you create beats inside your browser, without the need of installing any additional programs. Some of them are more oriented towards a certain type of music, while others differ in terms of complexity.

We will now take a look at some of the most prominent sites out there that let you create beats online and on the spot.

The first site on our list is, a fairly easy to use beat maker with an intuitive graphic interface. The way the beats are created here is by toggling parts of the graphics, which are linked to prerecorded sound and effects.

There is a variety of electronic music genres you can choose from. Hip Hop, Dubstep, Trap House and many others will give you the possibility to set your creativity free. If you’re looking for actual instruments, there are options to choose from guitars, pianos and drums, so you can create your beat from scratch.

How to Make your Own Beats Online

As long as we’re talking about building your beat from the ground up, is an online beat making site that is oriented towards more experienced users. The interface resembles the likes of programs such as Cubase or FL Studio, but much simpler to use.

It is a great site to get into professional beat making and get a taste of what it means to handle more complex programs.

This online beat maker site is straightforward. You have prerecorded instruments and different ways they’re played. By stacking the sounds on top of one another, you’ll create unique beats and pieces of music you enjoy, while learning concepts of song building along the way.

If you’re a beginner but want a more sophisticated sound, then is the choice for you.

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