How to Produce Electronic Music

Over the years, the music industry has gained popularity and its fame continues to increase. When it comes to how to produce electronic music, there are certain steps that need to be undertaken. Moreover, one has to have some things in place. The best thing is that one does not have to attend a music school in order to produce his/her electronic music, instead this can be done while at home. Producing electronic music requires mixing of music samples in order to come up with an original composition. In this article, instructions will be provided on what one ought to do when it comes how to produce electronic music.

Instructions on how to produce electronic music

The most important thing that one should have is the digital audio software. The software should be installed in the computer. As part of the first steps, one is supposed to turn on his/her computer into a digital audio workstation. Many digital audio programs will pop up on the screen, thus one is required to choose a multi-tracking program, such as Ardour, Traverso and Jokosher. The second step involves getting an audio interface, which will consist of two input pre-amps. The pre-amps will go into two analogs to digital converts, two line outputs and a headphone output. It is key that one ensures that once he/she gets the interface, the lite version of Cubase, Ableton Live, Sonar or Pro Tools are found.

The above will pave way for the recording process, which can be conducted in two manners. One can either make use of the microphone and pre-amp or an external pre-amp. When it comes to the microphone and pre-amp, one is required to connect the microphone to the XLR input of the interface. In case, one is making use of the condenser microphone, then the phantom power should be turned on.

Additional steps that ought to be followed

The second option of recording using the computer is making use of the external pre-amp. In this scenario, one has to ensure that he/she bypasses the interface’s pre-amp. The phantom power should also be turned on. Recording can also be done by using the direct inputs. This option is mainly used for recoding synthesizers, guitars, drum machines or any other external sources.

The synthesizers can be found in three forms, which include analog, digital and software. They ought to be checked out to ensure that the waves being produced are in the right way. Dynamics are important when it comes to how to produce electronic music. Limiting ensures that the tracks are protected from clipping while maximizers are responsible for making the tracks louder.

Conclusion of electronic music production

As part of the last steps, one may be advised to add effects. In this case, reverbs are used in ensuring that the electronic drums sound as if they are in the same room or far away. Ensembles and chorus are used for widening and detuning. Other effects that one can make use of include distortions, filters, flanges, phasers and modulators.

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