How to Become a Music Producer

Introducing yourself to physics

Music is sound. Sound is a vibration that propagates as mechanical wave through a medium such as air. This last sentence is physics. In order to produce music, you don’t just need to have an affiliation towards music, but also an understanding of what it is in terms of a physical phenomenon. Without understanding physics (or at least acoustics) you will have a hard time doing any mixing whatsoever.

Start creating immediately

You know what the best part of the last list item is? Not knowing physics doesn’t hinder you to experiment and be creative. A lot you need to learn about acoustics is going to be through trial and error. Sure, there is a bunch of sayings and theory that will help you in producing professional sounding music over time, but you shouldn’t forget the creative part of the whole deal with producing music.

Listen to specific producers

If you’re considering becoming a music producer, you have to stop listening to songs the way you did until now. Your priority is no longer the name of the artist of a song, but the name of the producer behind it. Learn from the best. Understand how they did the thing they did. After a while, you will start recognizing certain songs not by the artist but by the producer.

Don’t get hooked on one genre

Music may be something you enjoy in a certain way. Maybe you like hip hop, or maybe country is more your thing. Either way, having a preferred kind of music genre is fine, but being a music producer means having to listen to everything. And I mean everything. Of course, there are producers who concentrate on producing just one genre of music, but believe me, to get to that luxury they listened to everything that came into their hands.

Get an formal education

Until this point we talked about understanding what becoming a music producer means from the perspective of an enthusiasts, but now let’s talk about the next step. Education doesn’t have to mean going out of your way and majoring in audio production. It may also mean taking a professional online course or even taking night classes. The goal is to get the knowledge, not the degree, remember.

Put your name out there

After experimenting and producing a few tracks, it is essential to get your name out there. The internet provides one of the best platforms for promotion in the history of human kind. This may sound a bit over the top, but it’s still the truth. There are plenty of sites that you can use to get your music to your audience. Once you start getting feedback, you’re in the game. It doesn’t matter if positive or negative criticism, the most important thing is to get a reaction to your art.

Invest in yourself

Usually the last entry is something like “Have fun” or “Don’t give up”. I won’t do that here, because I think this advice is more important than these feel good messages. When you get a hang of producing music (it doesn’t have to be on a professional level) and you start creating some income, invest in your talent. Don’t spent that money on something that isn’t going to benefit your craft. Invest in equipment, in classes and courses. There’s always a piece of equipment that is needed, or knowledge that has to be acquired in order to grow your business. Investing in yourself and your equipment is the best savings account you can find.

And, of course, have fun and don’t give up!


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