Guide to the Best DJ Equipment

If you’re a musician of any kind, it’s essential to have the necessary gear at hand to perform the music you’re creating. There are many misconceptions about DJs being too depended on their expensive gear and they’re often criticized about not being able to play music without it.

Well, so are guitarists, drummers, base players, etc. DJ equipment are instruments like any other in the history of music. And if you want to develop as a musician, you’re always looking forward to getting the best instruments possible. Many musicians criticize DJs as concentrating too much of their energy only on buying expensive equipment, while the same musicians carry Fender or Gibson guitars, which can cost up to a few thousand dollars.

So, thinking about your DJ gear as instruments you have to invest in the first step towards developing your career. With that in mind, you’ll soon come to the conclusion that you don’t have to get the most expensive gear right away. The same way as beginner guitar players don’t buy a Gibson Les Paul guitar when they’re just starting out.

However, there’s a small difference between guitar players and DJ with regards to equipment. Namely, DJ equipment can be rather overwhelming as there are many moving parts that go into creating a workable station.

We will list some of the essential equipment you’ll have to consider getting in order to start out as a DJ. This list is in no way to be considered as rules, rather as guidelines on what to consider when just starting out.

Audio player

This is a no-brainer. If you want to DJ, you’ll have to play music. In the old days, turntables were used to play the music, but today we have a lot of other (digital) options that will do the trick. Computers, laptops, and even mobile devices can be used for this basic part.

Controllers and software

In the case you’re using a computer or laptop, there are many software options available to use as controllers. However, if you want to get a better understanding of what it means to mix music in “real life” you should consider getting a physical controller that can be hooked to your audio player.


Don’t go with the cheap ones! Headphones are very important for DJs as they are the bridge that connects the music in your head with the music you want to get out of the speakers. The best way to go from here are noise canceling headphones, because they will let you have better control over your mixes.

DJ mixers

Similar to the controllers, DJ mixers can be part of a software you can get for your device. However, getting a standalone physical mixer is the best way to get you in touch with your music as a live experience.


This is not really essential; as many venues you’ll be playing at will have those. But it is still important to have a pair of good speakers so you can get a feel of what your mixes will sound like in front of an audience.

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