Creating Your Own Music!

People have always be interested in creating art. Music is one of those things that doesn’t need translation; it is the same wherever you go in the world. That’s why music is so successful across the globe, and nobody seems to bother where it comes from.
It comes as no surprise then that creating your own music many see as the opportunity to show to millions of people their creativity. Being successful in the music industry is a goal for many musicians, as many of them create music out of love for it. There are not many children picking up a guitar or singing because they envision themselves as being rich and having a carefree life. Many think about the fame, but that’s another aspect of it altogether.
Even if you’re not seeing yourself in the spotlight with millions of eyes looking at you as you perform your music, there is still the need to share a feeling you have in form of a song. This notion creative people have is the things that drives most of us.

Learning to play an instrument

The basic solution is often times the best one. In my opinion, learning to play an instrument opens a lot of doors for creativity. Not only that. Numerous researchers have found out that learning an instrument enhances the cognitive capabilities in children and adults. This means that it’s never too late to pick up the guitar or sit in front of the piano and start getting creative.

Read about music

Music theory may sound boring, but if you’re really interested in music, once you start reading about it, you’ll be hooked. Learning music theory does not only make you more interested in the subject, but also can inspire you in finding new ways of applying the information you learned.

Digital music creation

Even if you’re not into playing an instrument, there still might be a hidden musical talent inside you. DAW (Digital Audio Workstations), beat sequencers, and online music creation sites have proven that many people have a musical talent. Instruments don’t come cheap, and I know many people who started out by simply using software on their computer to create fantastic pieces of music; and later turned into buying an instrument. Find your talent with whatever needs you have at your disposal.

Play in a band/Sing in a choir

Don’t be a loaner. Music is something you have to feel, not only in the notes you’re creating, but also in the sounds around you. Playing in a band or singing in a choir is the most accurate rendition of that. There are many people who enjoy creating music, find them and join them.

Write everything down

Don’t trust your brain. It hurts me to think of all the melodies or lyrics I lost because I didn’t write them down. If you’re creating and composing your own music, write it down. You don’t need to learn how to write notes, just use the voice recorder on your phone and keep a record of your ideas at all times.

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