Choosing Studio Monitors & Speakers

Building your own recording studio can be as rewarding as it can be painful (painful for your wallet, I mean). Setting up a budget for a studio requires planning and precise understanding of the things that go with it.

Most of the people who are looking forward to building a more professional studio, already have a vision of what that studio entails. If you’re one of them, you may already own certain equipment, maybe a professional condenser microphone for vocals, or a powerful computer for audio production. Those things are somewhat considered as being essential for a good studio.

However, if you’re planning on building a new recording studio, one of the things you have to put high on the list of essential items are studio monitors and speakers.

Many professional producers and sound engineers see studio monitors and speakers as being the “microscope” of your studio. And this makes a lot of sense. Since you’re working with sound in your studio, you need to be able to separate anything that delays inside your tracks. Whether it’s a crackle that passed by the mic during recording, or maybe an effect on the effect chain that simply distorts the sound too much, you need to be able to hear all the small details, or else it will stay there.

Why not buy really good headphones instead?

Before we get into choosing our monitors, we have to clarify this misconception about REALLY good headphones over monitors. Well, they’re simply not the same thing. Sure, headphones are also essential in the studio, but they serve different purposes.

Headphones are mainly used when recording, and can be used to arrange your song on the tracks. However, once you get into mixing and mastering, monitors are simply irreparable. If you’ve ever seen a professional studio, you must have noticed various forms of insulation outside of the recording booth. That’s because sound needs to travel in order to understand how the mixing needs to be done. Headphones don’t give you that space, but monitors do.

OK, now that we’ve put this issue to rest, let’s take a look at some studio monitors.

KRK RP5G3-NA Rokit 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor - Pair

A very popular model in recent years. For once, it is very affordable and delivers a great value to price ratio. Because of its popularity, this model has many reviews that mainly speak in its favor.

Presonus Eris E5 Pair

This model is an example of reference monitors par excellence. What this means is that this model will not embellish your sound in any way, rather than showing you exactly what you get out of your tracks, nothing more, and nothing less.

Genelec M040 Active 2-Way Monitor (Each)

A studio monitor model that may be a bit pricey in comparison with the others on this list, but it certainly shows when it comes to the sound. It also makes every mixing and mastering session in your studio a powerful experience to listen to.

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