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Whether you’re a student who needs to record parts of a lecture; a reporter who needs to conduct an interview; or a filmmaker who needs the best sound possible for the next big film you’re making, having a good voice recorder can get you a long way.

Digital sound recorders may not be the latest trend in technology, but they’re certainly essential to most professions these days. Sure, you may ask why you need a separate voice recorder if you have an app on your smartphone that does the same job. Well, if the voice recorder you have on your phone does the trick for YOU, then there is no need for you to look any further than that.

However, for those of us who have the need of getting a more acceptable sound out of our recording, a voice recorder is not something that can easily be replaced by an app on your phone.

Ask any professionals that work with sound recordings and they will immediately dismiss smartphone apps as being simply too low quality. Of course, there may be exceptions with certain models, but if you’re not specifically looking for a good voice recorder included in your phone, chances are that the sound quality simply don’t cut it.

We compiled a short list of some of the best voice recorders currently on the market. Keep in mind that there are different voice recorders for different uses, so choosing the right one comes down to knowing what you need it for.


This Sony model has one of the best price to value ratio currently on the market. It is designed to satisfy even the most basic needs when it comes to sound recording on a very high sound quality level.

With its simple interface and easy to understand options, this voice recorder is great for anyone who needs the basic things of digital recording in the best quality possible. However, using it in more professional environments like filmmaking or professional audio recording, is simply not possible. It costs around 78$


A Tascam voice recorder that will get you up there with the professionals. This recorder will get you CD-quality sound without needing to spend all of your budget on it. If you’re an amateur filmmaker or need something to record your bands rehearsals with, this voice recorder will do the trick with ease.

Although it’s not basic as the Sony model, it is very intuitive and will introduce you to features of more sophisticated models without paying too much. It costs around 250$


We’re now at the top of the food chain when it comes to digital recording devices. However, this is also true in terms of costs. This Olympus model will get you a lot of professional features for a fairly high price.

If you’re a professional that simply needs the best sound quality with your recordings, then this model will fit right in with your needs and, hopefully, with your budget. It costs around 362$


The voice recorder for everyone


Best Voice Recorder

The voice recorder for professionals on a budget


A voice recorder for professionals

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